I now I'm dubble posting, but this vid didn't really fit in the other post. I went out to eat with my new class M1 yesterday at Izakaya, a place where everything costs 270yen and you don't get that much at every order and you share everything. We were 12 people and it was reeeeally funny!

This clip is after the meal, and we swedes started to teach them a few funny words. We started with "Sju sjösjuka sjömän", and then "Sex laxar i en laxask" and then the longer version of sjömännen and then the best of them all "Helvetes jävla skit" xD

I'm filming with my new camera Canon IXY 10s that I bought yesterday :D

Okay... I looked through the vid... And I don't think it's a good idea to edit vids 3.00 in the morning... I missed this part xD Here is Jang and Mariem saying Helvetes Jävla Skit.


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