Japan365 - Ouji

Todays Pic: Ouji, Tokyo.

Vietnam365 - Splash!!

Todays Pic: Max, Mui Ne, Vietnam.

Vietnam365 - Mui Ne

Todays Pic: Mui Ne


Long time no see! It's been a while, and a lot has been going on. You probably ask this "Is she still in Japan after all that has happend?" And the answer is, YES I still am! I didn't want to leave this country and the city that I love so much, and I'm taking the chance to stay here! After the big earthquake a lot of my friends went home and I started thinking about going home too, maybe I really shouldn't be here... But I didn't want to leave! So me and a few school mates started planning a trip. First question was "where should we go?" We don't have much money but we thoght about Okinawa or maybe Osaka, but then we descided "not Japan!" and it would be eather Thai, Vietnam or China. The tickets to Thai and China was reaaaaally expensive so we took the Vietnam flight instead.

Vietnam... I knew nothing about it, but I was told that the people there would be nice! That was not the case... Aaaaand the wather was bad when we got to the beach >_< I've nerver been that happy to get home to Japan again after two weeks in Vietnam. You really do apprishiate what you got when you see developing countries have it like. Cooking in the street because they didn't have a kitchen in there ...."house"? And sleeping in the actuall store. I might have felt bad for them if they treated us more than a person you can get money from.

But now I'm back in Tokyo again, with the earthquakes and Fukushima Daiichi. It is said that things will be fine in about... 9 months or so. But anyway, now I'm back in school and I'm really trying to learn stuff here... Haha it's hard but the teatchers are really good so I'm OK!

I'll try update atleast with pictures from both Vietnam and Japan everyday and get going with the Japan365 project! Have a good day! バイバイ!

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