Japan365 - Watching Angel

Todays pic: Takaosan

Japan365 - Pink bike

Todays pic: Asakusa


Japan365 - Odaiba

Todays pic: Odaiba


Japan365 - First

I was thinking... Maybe I should do a project. I didn't know what but then I came up with the idea "Japan365"! I will try to put up one or two pics every day. I'm gonna try to do it and we'll see if I manage! I'll try my best!

Todays pic: Asakusa, by the temple Kaminarimon.


Spring will come!

In Japan they have a sort of ceremony (I don't really get it tho) where they throw beans at Oni (the devil) at the temple, and that means that spring will come tomorrow or something. So apparantly it's gonna be spring tomorrow. I really hope so... It's too cold!

I made a video from today btw (It's really bad edited tho xD But I'm starting to learn iMovie little by little.) Maybe someday I'll be able to actually make a good looking vid xD Maybe...

I really liked the part were I get a bag of beans in a Oni bag thrown at me... I didn't expect that xD I was lookin the other way! And then after I thought I felt a leaf by my shoulder or someting... But it was a piece of candy xD When did that get there?

We got a new kotatsu in the house I'm living in now~ Kotatsu is a table with a blanket that you'll heat up! It's reeeeaaaally nice when it's cold outside (and it's just as cold inside -.-)

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