Power of Rainbow

Tokyo Rainbow Pride Parade - Yoyogi
東京レインボープライドパレード ー 代々木

The Print Club!

I'll tell you about a really great thing about Japan. The fantastic Purikura (プリクラ). If you don't know what it is, I'll tell you. You see the picture of me and my friend Tuva above? That is Purikura. Purikura is short for the japanese expression Purinto Kurabu, a word borrowed from english Print Club.

So what exactly is that? It's a big photo booth with a loooot of colors that you walk in to with a few friends. Usually outside there is a sign that says Girls only, or if a guy want to be there he must bring a girl. You take 6 different photos, with different backgrounds or you choose a theme. When you're finished you go to a little place at the side of the photo booth were you can paint on the photos. You see the hearts and the date on the photo above? That is what you do there. It could be totally crazy if you wanted to!

I like photos so you could guess that this is one of my favorite things in Japan :3 You can fix the light and the size of your eyes, you can put on eyelashes (like the first picture) and change the color of your eyes or hair. Well... I'm to blond so the machine doesn't recognize my hair as hair xD

In some machines you can get the whole chart to the computer. Usually you print out all of the photos and get one or two mailed to you phone, but in some you get all of them. Like this one:

 June,  July,  August,  September,
 October,  November,  December.

 January,  February,  March,  April,
 May,  June,  July,  Augusti,  September,  October,  November,  December.

 January,  February,  March,  April,
 May,  June,  July,  Augusti,  Septpember,  October,  November.