Jibun in Japan!

Did I ever tell you that I'm in Japan? I don't think I did... xD Well! I'm in Japan!! :D

I'm sorry for not writing anyting in I don't know how many months! I just lost the reason to write... I mean I didn't really write that active before anyway. But weeeeell! Now that I'm in Japan (did I ever tell you that I'm in Japan?) I thought it would be good to write some kind of blog. (Don't ask me why I'm writing in english... I really don't know... xD)

Well, I've been living here for about a month now! It feels unreal when I say it like that... Have I really been here that long? Really?
I'm studying Japanese at KAI Japanese Language School every weekday and then I play around in Tokyo for the rest of the time(^_^)

This is really an experience, it's my first time outside europe, first time flying (well... I did fly to spain when I was a kid... But I don't even remember that so it doesn't count!), first time away from home alone for longer than a week haha and first time in Japan (well duh.. obviously). Moving here was the most natrual thing ever. I mean, what else was I suppose to have done?

I came here with Engla on the 27th of December! I said good bye to my family and friends on the 26th at Arlanda Airport! That was hard but it's not like we won't meet again! We had a boring but interesting flight from Stockholm to Istanbul and then we had to run! We had an hour to get to the other flight! We were the last people to get on the flight x) Then another, even longer flight form Istanbul to Tokyo. This flight was about 11 hours if I'm not wrong.

Finally we came to Narita Airport! I had, after many years of dreaming about it and about a year planning it, finally landed in Japan! After that it was just the new thing after the other. Me and Engla went to Asakusa were I was going to live for the next two weeks and then we were of to Shibuya! She showed me around a bit, and we ate at a ramen restaurant and sang karaoke^_^

Now school has started and I feel like I've gotten used to this atmosphere and the fact that I don't really understand anything at all.

I'll tell you more later!
Until next time! See ya! またね〜


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